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From an Italian Cooking School to a Travel Company specialized in Food&Wine itineraries.

                   "We would be honored to guide you through the most hidden treasures of our country, those treasures that only those who were born and raised in these regions understand and are able to share"

We are an Italian family of entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. A Tasteful Journey is a travel company specialized in Food&Wine vacations in Italy, born from the success of its mother company, the cooking school Percorsi con Gusto.​ 

Our story dates back to 2009. Travelers already on holiday in Italy were coming to our house, a 15th century residence in central Italy, to experience our famous cooking-classes Percorsi con Gusto, run by Chef Lorena Autuori. Completely amazed by the ability and passion of our work, they started asking us for suggestions on what to do in the area during their stay. After receiving dozens of thank you messages, about how great these recommended experiences were, we came up with the idea of becoming a travel company in 2018, with the focus on what we love the most: the cuisine and the wines of our country.  That's how A Tasteful Journey started!

But that's not all. In 2014 we created Il Giardino (the garden) and in 2019 Vino e Cucina.​

Il Giardino is the beautiful garden of our  residence, turned now into an event venue. Everyone is welcome to drink a glass of wine, to read a book, to munch on what me and my staff have just prepared in our home kitchen. The garden has slowly become a landmark of our village, and in the warm spring and summer nights, you will find locals and foreigners mingling together for an aperitivo, listening to some live jazz music. Also utilized for private events and ceremonies.

Vino e Cucina is a traditional Italian restaurant and is our last creature. Prime quality food, exclusively locally sourced, is the concept at its base. Decorated with restored antique furniture and original pieces we had in our home, it offers a unique intimate and cozy familiar feeling together with a prime quality wine list.




Kate L on Jan 2020


<<Truly the best part of a two week trip

Everything about our evening with Lorena exceeded our expectations. We knew we would spend some time in a charming Estruscan village with picturesque landscapes. We knew the food would be incredible. We knew it would be a private class, just the two of us and the instructor. What we had no idea about was all of the added touches and wonderful moments that would make this the hands-down best thing we did on our two-week honeymoon in Italy >>


F3rr01982 on March 2020


A Wonderful surprise!

<<A very rare example of balance; refinement, hospitality, attention to detail and warmth of the environment. A place and people who make you feel at ease, dishes where the quality of the ingredients and the skill in preparing them leave a smile on your face when you go out! Appetizer, first course, second course, side dish, dessert, coffee and raisin wine without a burr, clear path. It is absolutely worth a visit ... I can't wait to go back!>>


384federicag on Jan 2020

The magic of Umbria

<<The welcome and the smile of the owners, the warm location with attention to every detail, the food sought in the quality of the ingredients and expertly proposed, have made a lunch with friends a beautiful memory ... to try if you are looking for excellent raw materials and the warmth of a restaurant where you can feel and see the love, passion and dedication behind it. A must try!>>



markcockburn25 on Sept 2019

A wonderful truly Umbrian culinary experience

<<In June this year our group of 8 enjoyed a wonderful intimate culinary experience with 'Lorena' and her lovely daughter Leslie. It really felt like home, both the cooking experience and then enjoying it in her lovely garden afterwards. Thank you, we would love to do it each year... building up our menu on this great culinary journey>>


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                    ...come and enjoy your tasteful journey with us!

-  Chef Lorena Autuori 

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